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Ansel’s 2014 Calendar

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Cat Person

Ansel the Bengal’s Zazzle store is featuring a new design, just for cat people!!

Cat Person Mugs
Cat Person Mugs by anselthebengal
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Awwww! Poor baby!!

He has some “hot spots” where he has licked his fur off…so, antibiotics and medicines on the areas…along with “collar” to stop him from chewing. Ohhhhhhhh, is he mad at me. He goes from snippy comments to trying to schmooze me into taking it off. Poor baby boy.

Ansel’s Calendar On Sale!!

This is the PURRFECT calendar…for you, a friend, any cat lover! Many of Ansel’s most fun photos…customizable, too! Best part? 30% off! Use the coupon code below by March 31st!

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Purrfect Christmas Gift

…for you, a friend, any cat lover!  Many of Ansel’s most fun photos…customizable, too!

Where’s Ansel?

I should be ashamed to post this. This is my junk closet. But…this afternoon I could not find Ansel. We had been in and out doing yard work and I wanted to make sure he was actually here before I took my shower. I looked all over the house, under the beds, in all the windows…everywhere. I noticed one closet door was open…usually they are closed. I flipped on the light:
Hi, Mama…whazza doin’?
Me? Just lying around…
Haffin’ a baff…
What? Iz nawt dat high.
See? Iz just’ right fur me.
G’way nao, Mama…n’turna wite owt too, k? Ima nap s’more. Wuff ewe…

But, Mama…

…Daddy’s waterz iz better…

Meow Song

As a good Catholic cat, Ansel thought this was an awesome rendition. It’s a MUST watch:

Meow Song

Christmas Cards and Postage!!

Ok, we don’t send a lot of holiday cards and things here, but I cannot help but send a few…look how kyoot some of these are:

A new door…

Honestly, it’s supposed to be a good thing. It lets HIM in and out when he wants to, so I don’t have to do it for him. But getting used to new things is hard. Especially when you’re spoiled rotten. Poor baby.

Leading up to this part is about 5 minutes of him sitting NEXT to the door, crying to be let out. The door…right there…inches away. NO, he’s NOT dumb. He gets it. He can go out and come back in just fine when he wants to…he just LIKES to be waited on. My fault, really. I always said if we were going to rescue a pet, we would make their lives awesome and spoil them rotten.

Well, I’m saying check, and yup…check. LOL