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Hoomans r rood!

OK, nao. I noes I’m nawt skinny. I haz big bonez!  And, Iz hongrey. A LOT.  So…sue me.

Iz had a vewwy bad thing happon.  I asked Mama, vewwy polite-like, for some foodiez. She sayz, and I quotez ezzackly, “Noes. U just eated and u iz gettin’ fat.” That was mean, noe?  Den I asked agin. Cuz, liek I sayz, HONGREY. N iz diet foodiez anywayz… 

She sayz “Noe. U don’ needz noe morez.”  I reminded her she don’ need dat ice n creamz shez nommin’.  Den u noez what she sayz? She says, “Yeah? Well, I’m bigger’n u an’ I gotz ‘pozzibell thumbz.”

I r nawta hooman, but izn’t dat rood…ebben fer them?  Tummy’z growlin’. Rowr.