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Cat Wrapped…

Ansel is spoiled. That is a given. When his Daddy and I decided to adopt him, we decided we would have a pet, only if we were going to spoil it and give it the absolute best life possible.  Including, I guess, sleeping wherever he wants to.  I didn’t know…and…I do not understand…and not really…but sort of…Ansel likes to sleep…with his head up my butt.  Not really…I lie on my left side…sort of towards my tummy…right leg bent forward and left leg straight…so my legs make an upside down 4…or a small h…yeah, an h.  He waits for me to get settled, then he comes up and plants himself between my legs, curled up with both paws on my left thigh, facing his Daddy, behind me…and his head on his paws.  But next to my butt. He likes it there. That is bed number 1.

I read for awhile and he catnaps, cuz that’s what they do. Once I turn off the light…and he is ready…he proceeds to walk up me…not around or next to me…ON me…to the pillow…HIS pillow, above mine with HIS leopard print snuggie on it.  This…is bed number 2…til daylight.

Bed number 3 is in the doorway of the bathroom…til I get up.  If it takes longer than he thinks it ought to, he mews, just loud enough for me to hear, but not close enough for me to do anything to stop pet him til he succumbs to sleep again…til I do. I’m a fairly light sleeper, so he usually wins.

Bed number 3 is also bed zero…or PREbed.  He will lie there…not every night…some nights…when he decides he would rather not jump into the bed himself, but rather, he should be picked up and gently placed on the bed…where he waits patiently for bed number 1 to be prepared.  Bed number 3…or prebed…is almost always associated with mewing.  Mewing that only I can hear, cuz he knows I will bend to his will. Gah.

I am so wrapped.